How can a miracle take place in the school? It necessitates a powerful touch. Remember what an instant hit Munnabai's Jaadu ki jahppi became! A touch can change the world. It is not a touch with cane but an inspiration like Amir Khan inspired the little boy in Tarre Jameen Par. Close our eyes and think of our most peaceful, healing moments. No matter what comes to mind, there's bound to be a 'touch' which might have altered our life. Amjad Ali Khan, a musician, holds that the healing touch of music changed his life. Now we have to reflect that what sort of touch can bring miracles in the school. It is none other than the inspirational education. An education which gives wings to the dreams and desires of the children. Their dreams and desires are the exposed miracles for us; let us give wings to it.

Fr. John Thoppil