Feather Touch of Education

Have you ever seen a miracle or do you believe in miracles? The customary answer is unenthusiastic. This response is caused by the erroneous connotation of the word miracle in our mind. The miracle is not magic. Miracle means an event that happens when you did not expect or think was possible. In the nature many things occur which we have never imagined. So miracle happens in the world. Look around, there's a miracle happening in every flash. If we desire for something it will be set for us.

Miracles open a world of limitless possibilities. In miracle we are opening a new horizon. APJ Abdul Kalam says "I always believe in miracles. So I visualize dreams. Miracles possess electromagnetic energy. Desire and dreams together create a new energy every night as the mind falls in to the sleep state. Each morning, dreams return to the conscious state reinforced with the cosmic currents. The fulfillment of dreams is a miracle". Miracle is, therefore, a completion of a desired dream and school is a planet of miracles. The rationale to say so is very simple. School is not an edifice; it is the world of students or children, who has a dream and desire for a dazzling future. These dreams and desires have to be fulfilled through education. So miracles should take place in the schools.

How can a miracle take place in the school? It necessitates a powerful touch. Remember what an instant hit Munnabai's Jaadu ki jahppi became! A touch can change the world. It is not a touch with cane but an inspiration like Amir Khan inspired the little boy in Tarre Jameen Par. Close our eyes and think of our most peaceful, healing moments. No matter what comes to mind, there's bound to be a 'touch' which might have altered our life. Amjad Ali Khan, a musician, holds that the healing touch of music changed his life. Now we have to reflect that what sort of touch can bring miracles in the school. It is none other than the inspirational education. An education which gives wings to the dreams and desires of the children. Their dreams and desires are the exposed miracles for us; let us give wings to it.

Sr. Violet C.S.N.